Cat. No.: SP947654P608

IndiMag Pathogen IM48 Cartridge
(6 x 8 blocks)

Prefilled reagent cartridges for automated magnetic-bead based extraction of nucleic acids on IndiMag 48/48s [Read more]

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Nucleic acid extraction has never been faster and easier

Introducing IndiMag Pathogen IM48 Cartridges for automated extraction of high-quality nucleic acids (viral RNA and DNA, and bacterial DNA) from a broad range of animal sample types using the IndiMag 48 and IndiMag 48s

  • Safe significant hands-on-time
  • Faster and easier nucleic acid extraction with prefilled, sealed reagent cartridges
  • Only add the lysis buffer and samples
  • Available for 8 and 24 sample sizes
  • Room-temperature stable reagents
  • Proven in the field with high throughput diagnostic labs

Suitable starting materials for direct processing include:

  • Whole blood
  • Serum
  • Plasma
  • Oral fluid
  • Body cavity fluids (e.g., peritoneal, synovial, cerebrospinal)
  • Liquid extracts from swabs (e.g., nasal, pharyngeal, and cloacal swabs)
  • Wash fluids (e.g., from bronchoalveolar lavages)
  • Other fluids, such as urine or feces suspensions
Product contents Cartridge, Lysis Buffer, Rod Cover Strips, Quick-Start Protocol (PCard)
Target analyte Viral RNA/DNA and bacterial DNA
Product type Prefilled reagent cartridge
Technology Magnetic bead
Handling Automated
IndiMag 48s
Compact, versatile and easy-to-use instrument for automated magnetic bead-based extraction of nucleic acids from a broad variety of sample types